Detail of antique Bru body of my new doll

Since I posted info of my new doll, I have received numbers of inquiries. I am so glad to know that she is being loved by many doll fans! I am posting more detailed information about her antique Chevrot body this time to answer some of questions. It has repairs at back side of shoulder plate and both side of fingers. ( please refer to photos below) I could make new parts instead of using repaired parts however, I thought leaving original parts ( even if they are repaired) would be more appropriate to keep the integrity of the body. If you prefer to have a doll with no flaw, this doll may not be for you.


Her both bisque hands have repair and repaint 両方のビスクハンド指の部分にリペアがあります

Left hand 左の指の部分にリペア有り

Left hand fingers,repanited entire hand 左ビスクハンド外側から見た状態 リペイントは手の全体に施されています

right hand 右指にリペア有り

right hand fingers, repainted entire hand 右ビスクハンド外側から見た状態、リペイントは手の全体に施されています

shoulder plate with repair at back side ショルダープレート後部にリペア有り

inside shoulder plate ショルダープレート、内側から見た状態

repaint at back side of shoulder plate ショルダープレート後部にリペア後のペイントが施してあります

back side of shoulder plate 後ろから見た状態、ラインなどは見えません

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