Making dress for 14 inch Bru

Choosing right color and texture of fabric for each doll is always time consuming because I never know what works the best till I actually drape fabric over the doll. First I have to dig in to my large pile of fabric stash which creates giant mess in my doll room ( imagine polling out all your clothes from closet to pick a right dress for a party) and find few fabrics that may work for the doll, then drape over each of them to find the best. It’s usually one full day work just for this. Once fabric is chosen, next is choosing the design. This will take another few more days for me. I thought some design might work one day then next day I change my mind. Going back and forth over few designs till I am absolutely sure about it.Sewing is time consuming of course but process before I get to sewing stage takes as much as sewing alone. It seems I am wasting lot of time just to make one dress but I will not satisfy with the result if I short cut this process. So this few days of waste of time is actually very important in order to create something wonderful.


I don’t use this kind of sage color fabric very often so I wanted to try, but color is too pale for her. こういう淡いセイジグリーンはあまり使わないので試してみたかったのですが、この子にはインパクト弱すぎでボツです。


This cranberry red silk is my favorite but maybe not for her ?? このクランベリーレッドのシルクはお気に入りの一つなのですが、この子には合わないかな??

I think this dusky blue-gray water-marked silk taffeta works the best to complement her eye color. このブルーグレィのシルクタフタは、この子のブルーアイを一番引き立ててくれるのでこれに決まりです。

I have not decide which wig to use, playing with different colored wig between designing is fun デザインを考えて煮詰まっているときは、ウィッグを変えて遊んだりしてちょっと一息。この色も結構似合う感じ。

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