Dress for 14 inch Bru is completed

I have been making lots of adjustments for the dress of 14 inch Bru since I started. I could use more complicated design but it would look too busy for such small size doll so I settled with this design. I think this type of dress with wide neck opening and narrow waist is just perfect Bru with Chevrot body. I have made similar dresses in the past and I could not resist to make another one. I always try to make a dress looks the best for each doll and if the doll has the similar look, I tend to make similar dress. 🙂


I added different pleated pattern at left side of the skirt                   スカート部分には、パターンの違ったプリーツを左側に入れました。

I just love bustle style dress with narrow waist. Who else can wear dress like this beside Bru?  私好みの細いウエストにバッスルスタイルの後ろ、Bru嬢以外にこれを着れるお人形はいないですよね。

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