14 inch Bru Jne 4 with antique body and antique eyes for sale

Here is my newest doll up for sale. She is 14 inch Bru Jne 4 with antique Chevrot body and antique eyes. I made the head, dress,bonnet, undies and shoes. Her wig is antique mohair wig and she comes with vintage blue glass earrings and vintage mesh purse.This antique body has repair on both hands and shoulder plate. Please refer to my old entry to read detail about the body. She will be listed for sale till April 22nd 6 am US pacific time. I will use lottery system to pick a lucky buyer on Sunday 22nd and will notify only to a winner.  If you do not hear from me on that day, unfortunately you did not win the doll. Please email me at bebesbysayuri1@gmail.com or bebesbysayuri@hotmail.com to inquire about this doll. You can also read how this doll was created by checking my blog archive. Thank you for visiting my website to view this precious little girl. I hope you enjoyed !



Her dress is made from antique turquoise color silk taffeta. ドレスはターコイズ色のアンティークシルクタフタ地で作りました。

I made this Bru style little leather shoes with nickel buckle. Socks are vintage rayon socks. Bruスタイルのニッケルのバックルがついた革靴を作りました。靴下はビンテージのレイヨンソックスです。

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