Making body parts for May workshop

I am working on body parts for 14 inch Bru’s that I will be using for May workshop. We will be painting Bru Jne 4 head and lean how to make Chevrot body. It is 4 day class and I will be providing finished body parts such as legs and arms, SP so that we can finish assembling during workshop.  I am not use to working with multiple dolls and this project turned out be a bit challenging but I will get there!


Cleaning these heads were the hardest job! ヘッドのクリーニングが一番手間がかかって大変でした。(;^ω^)

I am applying up to skin wash so that participants can finish the rest. それぞれのビスクヘッドには肌色まで絵付けして、あとは生徒さんに完成させてもらいます。

Carving Bru legs one at a time. Bruレッグは、一本づつアンテイークレッグのように彫刻していきます。

After carving. Looks more like Bru leg. 掘りなおした後は、だいぶBru の足っぽくなりました。

I am going to bake and paint them after carving.

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