Back form UFDC convention

It’s been 6 years since I attended last UFDC convention. It was so much more fun this time because I was able to meet many of my doll friends in person. And sales room was just amazing! I found more supplies than I hoped for! Can’t wait to attend next convention in Nashville TN next year!


I had a travel companion came all the way from Japan this time. We went to National Doll Festival doll show on Sunday before UFDC convention started on Tuesday. I forgot to take photos of this doll show but this was also a good show to attend. I found lots of antique lace and fabrics etc..  Quality of dolls were also very good but size of show itself is smaller than UFDC convention. We went to Theriault’s auction on next day. Their preview display is always the best quality and you won’t be disappointed. We stayed for about one hour to watch live auction. Stewart’s talk is always entertaining and that makes this auction very exciting. Unfortunately we had to leave for field trip to view Friendship doll at Science museum. I will report that in next post.


My most favorite of this auction!

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