Visiting Friendship doll ” Miss Kagoshima”

We have Miss Wakayama Friendship doll in Reno and I was told we can visit ” Miss Kagoshima” in CREATE at Arizona Science center in Phoenix day before convention. How can I miss this opportunity? So my friend and I joined this mini field trip to down town Phoenix in scorching heat.When we arrived, museum staff took us to a little office room next to reception desk and there she was, standing on the table with her doll size tea set in front of her. Apparently Miss Kagoshima is usually stored in a box and not in permanent display like Miss Wakayama in Reno so her kimono was bit wrinkled and loose but she was a very charming doll. She has two dimples which Miss Wakayama does not have and that makes her look younger ( to me). She is my second friendship doll I have seen in person and both of them have life like expressions. If you know a little bit about Ichimatsu dolls, it is so rare to see a doll in this size and quality. I say I was very fortunate to be able to view this doll.  I’d like to thank people who organized this field trip and museum staff who let us view her.


If you would like to inquire about Miss Kagoshima, click link below.                                                       CREATE at Arizona Science Center

Miss Kagoshima in Phoenix AZ

Front view of her kimono

Back side with silk obi

Her doll size tea set

This maybe a last chance to have selfee with her!

Article of Miss Kagoshima in Alan Scott Pate “Art as Ambassador” book


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