Karakuri Ningyo and Googlies

I took Alan Scott Pate seminar about ” Karakuri Ningyo” ( Japanese Automaton) and Anita Ladensack “The history and Art of Googolies” on first day of convention. Alan’s lecture is always fun and informative, I try not to miss any when available.I had very few interest on Karakuri Ningyo before I took his seminar but after listening his lecture, I was so fascinate by their history and art work. Who knew rediscovering my own culture is such an exciting thing! I wish my school history teacher gave lectures as interesting as Alan so that I could have gotten better grade. LOL

Anita’s seminar was a luncheon meeting hosted by Valley of the Sun Doll club. Luncheon meeting is always fun because you get to make new friends while enjoying meal and learn about doll that you love at the same time! I make Googlie dolls occasionally and wanted to learn more about them since there are so many different models and brands. Each of participant received a book of Googlies written by Anita at the end of the event and this will give me a chance to go over Anita’s lecture for better understanding. I wasn’t so keen of studying when I was a school student but these doll lectures are so fun, I can not get enough of them. That’s what I love about being a member of UFDC doll club. They give us so many opportunities of leaning dolls.



text book of Alan Scott Pate lecture ” Karakuri Ningyo”

Alan’s lecture is always full of information and fun talk.You never get bored.

With Alan. Awesome teacher!

Anita’s book ” The history and art of Googlies”and paper doll were part of luncheon gift

Lots of goodies from host doll club, Valley of the Sun doll club, Thank you!

Anita, giving lecture

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