The dress and fabrics

London Olympic was wonderful ! Usually I never have enough time to watch TV for long hours but I took time to watch games this summer.
My favorite was volleyball and rhythmic gymnastics. I use to play volleyball at school so I become very excited when I have chance to watch volleyball games.
Now it’s time to get back to doll making and I finally picked fabric and design for her dress.
I had so many design choices for this special doll and I thought about exploring  non- traditional design this time. Then I asked myself ” what if I could own a perfect Bru doll, what dress do I want her to wear ??”
I like Bru doll to wear a dress with low neck line to show her beautiful bisque breast plate and have narrow waist to enhance her Chevrot body….
I have made many dresses with this design in the past and I think I will be making another one. She is going to have very traditional Bru dress with antique silk brocade jacket and red silk skirt.
I originally thought she will look good on blue but she wanted the color more bright and cheerful. So the color she picked was “gold tone silk brocade and cranberry red “. 
I will use antique gold silk brocade for her jacket and cranberry red silk for her skirt and front panel. Both fabrics are from late 19th century and I saved them for my special doll.
I hope she will be happy with the dress I make since she seem to be very picky for what she wears. I have fear that she might say ” Just one dress is not good enough for me. I need more!” ….
I have received many inquiries if she is going to be for sale. I also received few offers already.
Yes, she will be for sale when I complete her and I am not accepting any offers till then. I have not decided her price or sales method at this time.
I just want to concentrate for finishing her for now and will announce on my website once she becomes available.
It will be a bit slow process but I appreciated your patients.
あとで ”ドレスが一着だけなんてとんでもないわ!もう一つ作って!”とかって言われそうですが。。。

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