Frequently Asked Questions

I receive many inquiries about my dolls but I am not able to respond occasionally because sender’s email address is not valid address or sender’s name is not written. In case you are one of who did not receive response from me, here are answers to frequent asked questions.

Q : Do you take any custom orders?

A : Unfortunately I do not take any custom orders including dress only or head only.

Q : Are new dolls posted on blog available?

A : Dolls I am making currently are for exhibition in Japan this fall and not available to public. Hopefully I will be making more dolls for sale to public from my website next year as my physical condition improves.

Q : How do I purchase your new doll when it’s available from website?

A : I can only create very few dolls per year now and I post progress of new doll on my blog and Facebook, Instagram when I start making. Please email me to inquire about dolls that you are interested including price. I often have multiple buyers by the time doll is finished and use lottery system to choose a buyer. Each doll have fixed price and it is not an auction. My email address is  You will get response faster if you include your name and email address in the mail. I do not respond to email without sender’s name or correct email address.



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