Making dress for 14 inch Bru

I am starting sewing again! It’s been three months since I used sewing needles last time.  I am still unable to lift heavy object with my right arm but recovered enough to be able to sew at least. I never realized how much sewing causes stress on my shoulder and neck muscle till I injured them. I am working cautiously and taking a break every 30 min to avoid over working muscle but I am just so happy that I can finally push needle without much pain.   I will be making a dress for 14 inch Bru first because I love her face and that increases my motivation. I can not create a quality doll if I don’t have that ” wanting” feeling inside of me.   I picked these red antique silk fabrics for her. She is definitely a pink or red kind of girl. I have been feeling bit low for last few months by looking at naked dolls on my desk while I could not work on them. But now I got that excitement back again and want to finish them so badly!

3か月ぶりに、やっと裁縫ができるようになりました! まだ右手で重い物を持ったりはできないのですが、とりあえず針を通す事が出来るまでには回復しました。

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