16 inch Bru Jne 6 with antique body and eyes

We’ve been hit by late snow storm for last 4 days and non-essential business will be closed for next 30 days due to COVID-19 outbreak. So I will be staying home for while. My son works at local largest hospital and that makes me little nervous but fortunately none of my family members have health problems at this time. I am very thankful for that. My heart goes out to people who lost their families or still sick in bed from this virus. I truly wish this terrible outbreak will be resolved soon. The best thing we can do right now is not to pass virus to each other. Please keep in mind that you may not show any symptoms but virus you passed unintentionally could be deadly to someone. And that someone could be your family members or your dear friend.

Even I am self isolating, I can still exercise at home, chat with friends via online, and most of all, it is a good time to concentrate on doll making. Well, actually I am still not fully recovered to be back on the job yet. I can work on the doll for couple of hours at times for 2-3 days a week with a day off in between. I still have burning pain like stubbed by hot knife on my cervical spine if I work for more than hour or two. But because of depressing time like this, I want to make a doll for myself and for everyone to enjoy. We have to find a way to make ourselves smile a bit, keep mind off from depressing stories. Staying positive makes your immune system stronger so it’s very important to surround yourself with favorite things. Fill your 5 senses with things you love and try to pump out lots of happy hormones in your brain. 🙂

I recently acquired beautiful antique blue eyes. I have not made any new doll heads this year but I found a Bru head I made two years ago which may work for these eyes. Amazingly these eyes fit perfectly on this head and I love how she looks! I also had a stock of antique Bru Chevrot body I found years ago that fits on this size Bru head (these bodies are almost impossible to find these days, lucky me!) and Voila! I have 16 inch Bru doll without breaking my neck! All she needs is new pair of arms and fabulous costume! I am so excited to have this little beauty standing on my work desk. Just like finding a treasure in your forgotten toy box. She sure made my gloomy days much much more enjoyable and something to look forward to in this uncertain time. I will be spending next few months to finish this project little by little. She will be available from my website once she is complete. I hope you can enjoy progress of this little girl together!



最近アンティークの良いグラスアイが手に入りました。今年に入ってまだ新しいヘッドを作ってはいないのですが、ボツヘッドの中に二年前に作ったBruがあって、偶然にもこのグラスアイがぴったり合いました。さらにラッキーな事に何年か前に仕入れておいたアンティークのシェブローボディーがこのヘッドに丁度合うサイズだったのです。グラスアイもボディも今では本当に入手困難になったので、ラッキーとしか言いようがありません。  というわけで、首を酷使することなく突如40センチのBru嬢が現れました。まるで忘れていたおもちゃ箱から宝物を見つけた気分です。(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) あとは両腕を作って、素敵なドレスを縫ってあげるだけ。憂鬱な日々がいきなりウキウキするものになりました。これから何か月かかけて、ゆっくりこの子を仕上げていこうと思います。完成したら、HPからこの子を販売いたします。それまでどうかお付き合いくださいね。

My Bru head fits perfectly on this antique Bru Chevrot body.                 このアンティークシェブローボディがぴったり合いました。



Bru Jne 6 head I made two years ago.                            2年前に作ってボツになっていた6号Bruのヘッドです。

Checking balance of the arm by fitting Bru arm I had in stock.



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