Pink dress for Bru

I have decided to use dusty rose silk fabric for my new 16 inch Bru. I’ve had this fabric for more than 10 years and I just found it from another box that I forgot to check. I love the color and delicate pattern and this fabric made me want to make the dress for my Bru. Getting inspiration from anything would motivate me to create better dolls and this fabric did the trick. 🙂   I also happen to have another set of antique eyes in dark blue with high crystal dome. I tried them on to her and I like how her expression softens. I may end up using this eyes instead. We will see.


changed eyes to dark blue antique eyes

with light blue eyes

I have mentioned in last entry that I am into watching ballet these days. I still do yet I added another things to keep myself occupied. This time is Jane Austen movies. 🙂   I already have quite few movie collections but have not seen them recently. I am going through each of them everyday in order to understand stories deeper and compare same story done by different productions and actors. ( I am such a nerd and I love doing this kind of things)  Also if you have not seen new ” Emma” movies released this year, I strongly recommend it! The costumes especially bonnets are do die for! I was drooling over fabulous costumes and so busy observing details, ended up did not paying much attention to the story. I need to watch it again.


My Jane Austin DVD collection

Costumes in this new movie is to die for!

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