Bru wig

I am still working on the dress for my Bru meanwhile, I needed her wig to get better idea of her finished look. I often make adjustments of the dress depends on her wig, facial expressions etc… It might not make any huge differences but I like to get it right when I have time. This is the time when my OCD kicks in. (;^ω^)   So I decided to make her wig today.  I used all antique materials to recreate her wig looks like an antique mohair wig.


Her new wig made with all antique materials

Locks are hand tied antique mohair

Cap is also made with antique buckram


I have been spending lot of time watching movies lately. Last time I mentioned about Jane Austen movies. Another good ones to watch when you have plenty of time is BBC mini series of ” War and Peace”. It was filmed in Russia and dance scene at Catherine Palace is so mesmerizing. I did not get to go inside of Catherine Palace when I was there 10 years ago and seeing it in this movie was such a treat for me!


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