Back to making Bru Doll

The doll show was very fun! It was so nice to be able to reunite with doll friends I have not seen since COVID. Also had the opportunity to meet many of my Facebook/Instagram followers. It’s always nice to meet internet friends in person. I think I will try to participate in the World Doll Day Show & Sale in Sacramento next year again. ( I will be more prepared next time )

I was so busy during the show and forgot to take pictures! I will post one picture taken by a customer with her permission. Thank you Lana!

 Now time to resume production of my new Bru doll.

I just acquired these beautiful small antique blue glass eyes. I was not sure if they would work for this Bru head since irises are much smaller than brown eyes. I tried them on today and she looks amazing!

These blue eyes made her look a completely different doll. This makes it very difficult for me to decide which eyes to use. I think I will let the new owner pick a favorite. 😊

(This doll is reserved)



これを機会に、来年もサクラメント市でのショウに参加させていただこうと思っています。次回はもっと準備万端にしてから (;^ω^)





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