Making a Bru body

Just finished assembling my newest creation!

This original Bru body was missing a head and arms, so I made the head and set antique eyes, made a new pair of upper and lower arms, then put all parts together. Now it has become a new 15” Bru doll! I was lucky to have a stash of a small piece of old kidskin for this project. I used it to cover the metal part of the upper arms then antiqued leather so that arms won’t look too new against the body. I am very pleased with the result. All parts seem to be the right size with this torso, her body proportions are very well balanced. This rarely happens when I mix old and new parts together since I only have certain size molds to make body parts.

I feel like I just got a new doll and getting super excited to design a dress for this special bebe! ( this doll is reserved )



こんな素晴らしい機会がまたいつか来るのでしょうか?ここ何年かは、ちょうど良いサイズのアンティークBruボディが手に入る機会が全くないので難しいですね.( ;∀;)

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