Undergarment and corset

My Bru finally has her undergarment and corset. Now she is fully dressed and ready to be shown.  BTW, I am only showing her undergarment in this posting. ( Oops! Sorry..)

Bru嬢の下着が出来上がりました。これで支度が全部揃ったのでいよいよお披露目です! あ、でもちょっと待ってください。今回は下着のお披露目だけです。(すいません)

I made her corset by using blue antique polish cotton this time. It’s a simple style corset but it has bone casing inside to keep the shape. She is wearing combinations and petticoat made from antique cotton batiste. They have button closures at the back and all buttons are antique shell buttons. She also has bustle pad at the back.


I will be finishing taking her photos and planning to post her for sale soon. Please look forward for my next posting!



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