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 Friday, May 6th, 2011
I have posted on my FAQ section that waiting period of custom order doll is 6 months to one year.
Due to recent increase of requests, my custom order is currently booked for 2 years, up to summer of 2013.
I appreciate that many people are interested in my doll but I am afraid I have to stop taking new orders for a while.
My current life style between nursing work and doll making is becoming bit more than I can handle.
Also I am not comfortable making promise for more than two years ahead.
I apologize to people who are thinking about placing orders in future.
I may resume taking custom orders someday but I am not sure at this time.
I will post it on my blog when I decide to take orders again.
I will continue posting my new dolls on my website till I finish my current orders. I can take some of head only orders when I have time but I can not take dress only orders or body only orders.
Please feel free to email for any questions or concerns.
I try my best to respond ASAP.
Thank you,

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