My another favorite doll

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

As you probably noticed, my favorite doll is Bru Jnes. I also love A Thulillier doll.
I get many requests to make other brand of French dolls but I only make few kinds. I apologize for being kind of selfish but I just can’t create a doll with ” soul” if I am not in love with them.
But there is another French doll I absolutely love but you can’t find her in my website.
That is FG doll.
I just never had a chance to make a complete doll with this head so she is not in my catalog.
I thought it might be a good idea to introduce her on my blog.
She is a scroll mark FG and will make about 25 inches doll. This particular doll belongs in my private collection and I made the head and attached to antique French body.
How can you not to love this huge eyes and chubby cheeks !? I just love her!




それはFG (ゴーチェ)です。

My newest creation 30″ Bru Jne 14

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Wednesday, March 24th, 2010


 I finally finished this 30 inch Bru Jne 14 doll !

Why “finally” ? Because I made this head more than year ago and took me this long to complete her.
If you have or know about doll magazine ” Gildebrief”, making this Bru Jne 14 with Chevrot body was one of their big project featured in early issues.
I always wanted to do this project by myself but when I glanced at pages, I gave up right away because it looked very complicated.
That was few years ago. Since then I have been making smaller scale Bru dolls with the same Chevrot body so I finally gave a try to work on this large girl.
As I posted on my previous blog, I made her a lovely corset to enhance her beautiful breast plate and created a dress with traditional Bru style.
I used antique silk fabric taken from antique silk gown to give vintage look. Traditional Bru style dresses use very small amount of lace as decoration so I used lots of fabric manipulation technique to add richness.
I like my doll dresses to be simple yet elegant and have periodically correct design. Not to overpower beauty of the doll but have to have richness.
It’s not easy to make the dress to meet this criteria so I have to look up many resource pictures to get an idea. Sometime it takes one whole day to come up with sleeve design.
Oops! Now you know why my work speed is so slow.
I was making 14 inch Bru doll before I finished this 30 inch Bru. The size difference is amazing but quality of each doll is the same.
It takes about the same amount of time to make each doll. I love Bru dolls so much because no mater what size I make, they are all equally beautiful.




ドール雑誌の ”Gildebrief” をご存知の方はおわかりかと思いますが、このBruJneの14号のシェブローボデイーの作り方が、雑誌が創刊されたころのプロジェクトとして載っていました。



My break time

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Sunday, February 21st, 2010

I hardly have day off between nursing and doll making but when I need a break, my husband and I often go to lake Tahoe which is about 15 min drive away from our house.
I don’t ski but we go to snow shoeing instead. Hiking up on the hill with view of Lake Tahoe on your side is just like heaven.
I have not done snow shoeing for last couple of years because of my recent back injury but I tried this year since my back is doing much better.
Climbing up on snowy hill is not easy.Sort of like climbing up sand hills I suppose. I have to take a break after each few steps to catch my breath.
Thin air of elevation 6000 ft is not much help either. But once you hike through shady pine forest and reach to open area where you can see the Lake, you will forget all the pain.
The view suddenly opens up to clear blue sky with blue water same color as the sky. This is something I did not grew up with. I never get tired of seeing this view.
We usually take handful of sunflower seeds when we go to snow shoeing to meet our special friends. There is a spot called ” Chickadee hill” along on this trail and if you hold up your hand filled with sunflower seeds, Chickadees will come eat off from your hand. My husband and I are back yard bird watchers so this is very exciting things to do.
We have a bird house on our back yard and Western Blue Bird come to nest in this house every year.
I can see the bird house from our dining room and checking their nesting progress is our annual event in summer time.
I feel very fortunate that we live in such wonderful environment we can enjoy beautiful wild life.
It’s snowing again around our house since last night. Perfect day for doll making!

Custom made Oriental Bru

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Saturday, December 19th, 2009

I am very exited to introduce my newest creation as my last doll of 2009.
She is 19 inch Oriental Bru, reproduction of famous oriental Bru doll from the book “Princess Turandot” by Sakichi Kataoka.
This book is published in Japanese and well known in Japan but many of you may not be familiar with.
Most of “Oriental Bru” we know are wearing “Kimono” in Japanese fashion and they look like Japanese but this particular Oriental doll is dressed in Chinese costume.
Well,actually mixture of Chinese and Japanese I say.
Her red dress has Chinese design and blue Jacket has sort of “kimono” like design.
The blue jacket is still not constructed as actual Japanese kimono like fashion but that’s how Bru firm in 1880’s made their oriental Bru kimono so I constructed this dress the same way as original dress.
In order to achieve the “look of antique Bru”, I used antique brown French P.W. eyes and made the dress from antique Chinese fabrics came from antique Chinese robes and ceremonial skirt.
Even her shoes are made from antique Chinese embroidered silk.
Many of antique oriental Bru dolls have yellow tinted darker skin, but lighter than Mulatto Bru and some of them has paler skin almost same as Caucasian Bru dolls.
This Chinese Bru seem to have skin color in between them.Yellower than Caucasian Bru but lighter than regular Oriental Bru so I tried to make duplicate that skin tone with this doll.
Her wing shaped eye brow ( wing brow) are also very distinguished character of this doll.
They have much stronger statement than other Oriental Bru’s eye brow. This shape of eye brows remind me some of Buddhism stature from ancient Japan.
From that reason, I am not even sure about this doll’s sexuality. Is this doll a girl or boy??? Prince or Princess? Her mysterious facial expressions makes you feel even more puzzled.
It is up to your imagination to decide wheather this doll is he or she.
Creating this doll was also extremely challenging for me.
First of all, locating materials was not easy. Finding right size antique French eyes are almost impossible because their sizing is deferent from modern glass eyes sizing.
I finally found these pair of antique French eyes but then I had to adjust eyes cut so many times to make them look balanced.
Then painting the eye brows.They are not the shaped of eye brows I am use to painting for Bru dolls. I had to practice quite a bit to get the right shape since these eye brows are the most important feature of this doll. It’s almost miracle that I was able to make this particular head.
Finding right antique fabrics for the dress was not easy job either. Antique Chinese silk and antique western silk fabrics are made deferent way and has deferent sheen.
I had to find antique Chinese fabrics in order to recreate this dress and the best source was antique Chinese robes.
Red and royal blue colors are fairly common color for these robes but finding gold color was extremely difficult.
I was lucky enough to find some of honest antique textile dealers in China to locate all these materials at the end.
After all these searching and spending extra time to practice head, I think she ( or he ) turned out extremely well as my first true Oriental Bru reproduction.
I hope you enjoy seeing her as much as I proud to show her on my website.
And finally,thank you for all doll fans and friends who supported me through the year.
I wish all of you very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!

A Thuiller doll for sale

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Sunday, November 15th, 2009
Welcome to my snail blog!

Time passes by so fast and it’s already Holiday season! My mind is still stuck in summer time for some reason and I realized I have not posted my new dolls since June !This time I am listing this 20 inch A Thuillier doll for sale just in time for Holiday.

She is dressed in champagne gold antique silk flock made from antique ball gown from 19th century decorated with lots of antique lace trim.

Super gorgeous doll and I am sure she will be a proud addition to anyone’s collection. Click this link to view this beautiful doll.

Please feel free email me to inquire about this doll.

I am hoping to add few more dolls on my website before end of this year.

Please look forward my next update!!


I am in doll wonderland!

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Monday, July 27th, 2009

I am visiting Japan right now and we are having a wonderful time.

We have visited Kobe, Kyoto, Nara so far and of course we covered most of famous historical area.
But my another reason for this trip is too see friends I got to know through my dolls.
Palmira is one of my doll friend who lives in Hukui Japan and she is a well known antique doll collector.
I was very fortunate to be able to visit to her house to see her precious doll collection.
Her intense collection of antique dolls were true eye candies! I became a little girl at toy shop in a minute I entered her doll room.
You can see her wonderful doll collections at her website
Thank you so very much for your hospitality Plamira.
I also stopped by at Kobe doll museum in Kobe.
They have antique doll museum filled with fabulous French dolls and rare automatons.
If you happen to visit Kobe, I definitely recommend everyone to stop by this place.

20 inch A13T with a Burgundy Dress

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Friday, May 8th, 2009


Hello everyone! I have not updated my dolls for a while and realized it’s already May!

Some people are wondering if I am still making dolls, and yes, I am!

Lately I am making more dolls without dress or exact copy of dolls from my website so I don’t post them as a new doll.But I finally have a new doll to post and here she is. She is custom made 20″ A13T doll in red dress.

She has striking brown eyes and wearing rich dark red dress made entirely from antique material. These antique fabrics are hard to come by but very important to give doll ” aged look” and I am very pleased with the result. Please vist my front page to get more detail view of this beautiful doll.

I wish all mothers “Happy Mother’s Day”!






My very first Mulatto Bru Jne

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008

I am very happy to introduce my newest creation 19″ Mulatto Bru Jne dressed in antique burgundy dress.

This is my very first Mulatto Bru I ever made and I am very happy with the result.
I never thought about making Mulatto Bru before but I had this special request from one of my customer so I gave try.
She turned out gorgeous with this burgundy silk and velvet dress made from antique material. It matches perfectly with her mocha skin tone.
I painted her eyebrows wider and darker than pales skin Brus because that’s one of the trade mark of mulatto Bru.
She is created from the same mold as other pale skin 19″ Bru dolls but you can see a big deference in her facial expression.
I truly appreciate my customer who gave me this wonderful opportunity to create this doll. Thank you!
To view this special doll, please visit at .
My work pace is still very slow but I am very thankful for being able to continue doll making after my back injury a year ago.
I am not able to post new dolls very often anymore but I always welcome pictures from you to add on ” photos from my customer” section.
If you purchased doll head from me and assembled and dressed them by yourself, please email me pictures of finished dolls.
I would love to share your talented work with all of my doll fans.

 Hope all of you will have a wonderful Holiday season.




19 inch Bru Jne 11 with pale blue eyes

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Monday, June 2nd, 2008


I just finished my specially ordered custom Bru doll and she is up on my website now.
Many of you probably heard about or own the book called ” Precious Dolls” by Ursela Brecht. This book features one of worlds most beautiful doll collection.
I had a special request to recreate a Bru doll looks similar to the one feartured in this book and that’s how she was born.
She has very pale blue eyes with dark brunette hair and teal green silk dress.
It is very challenging job to create the doll looks like certain antique doll because each antique dolls have deferent facial expressions and painted differently.
I think I was able to capture the essence of the ” look” of this certain Bru doll by using these pale blue glass eyes and perfectly styled mohair wig.
This wig was custom made by wig artist Leni. She did a superb job recreating antique look wig for her. Thank you Leni!
I also used teal green antique silk fabric to create her dress. This darker tone dress and dark wig really make her face stands out.
I am very happy with the result.
She look so deferent from other Bru dolls I have made in the past and I am sure you will enjoy seeing her too!